– All you new moms and moms to be – Here is an Affirmation for the day

 - All you new moms and moms to be here is an Affirmation for the day NEWS FLASH ……. There is no such thing as perfect ! As long as you are trying to reach it you will never be happy or content in your own being . Something to ponder …. What or who are you competing with ? What is this image of perfection you are trying to live up to ? Is this image  even real or realistic for you ? There is no right or one way to do anything but there is a right and perfect way for you , your children and family . When you are able to find what works for you , then you will find perfection in your own individuality and uniqueness . I can look at some of my dearest friends / clients and think they are truly amazing moms in the way that they do it that works for them . If I tried to do what they do and use some of them as my bar of perfection .. I would never live up to it as they are totally different then me . They have strengths and abilities that I  just don’t have  . Just like I have gifts and ways about me that they lack in certain areas . If I used them as my bar of perfection and compared myself to them it would reek havoc on my self esteem making me feel not good enough . I can’t tell you how often I see and hear this from my clients … So and so lost her weight right away .. so and so nursed until her baby was one , so and so has the perfect marriage , kids and home …. Ladies , what we see on the surface isn’t always whats really going on behind closed doors . Stop comparing yourself to others , connect with yourself and find what is right for you instead of what society , your family  and friends says is right . Find your own perfection from your  authentic place of truth in who you are .

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