Standing Hip Circles – for lower back and hip pain and tightness

As your pregnant belly grows your back has to work extra hard to stabilize . Here is a little something you can do anytime and anywhere to loosen up your lower back and hips . This is also good for fertility as it moves energy in the second chakra (reproductive area ) I do these daily after I have been sitting for a long time at my desk .

Stand with your feet about shoulders width apart , bend your knees a bit and place your hands on your hips . Tip your hips to the right then roll to the back , left and then to the front . Continue rolling in one direction as if you had a hula hoop , for 10 times then switch directions . Don’t be afraid to really move and put your whole body into it .

20140411-090558.jpg . Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from .

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