Love my job and the people I get to work with #grateful

A few years ago I taught a weekly transformational Ā healing yoga class in Hollywood .. Shana and her husband Craig were students of mine . Every time they walked into class I would intuitively feel a baby around them .. I’d always tell them about this baby I sensed ( I’m sure at the time they thought I was some crazy person šŸ™‚ .. We joked about me being their doula and how we all couldn’t wait to work together during the pregnancy .. Well 8 months ago baby Jake made his entrance into this world and I got the privilege of not only helping him come in but working throughout pregnancy with his two AMAZINGLY FABULOUS parents ! Jake’s birth was awesome .. He was born into the world with so much love and into the most loving family anyone could ever ask for ! I asked a few of my people for some testimonials because at some point if I can get my lazy ass in gear I need to update my website and I want them on there …
Shana sent me this … This is why I do what I do … I’m so blessed to have the most wonderful clients / friends and their amazing babies in my life !

“I don’t know how I got so lucky to find Lori Bregman! She helped me throughout my pregnancy with anything from how to help my horrible heartburn by doing simple stretches, keeping me calm when I was nervous and helping me be healthy by eating the right foods for me and my baby boy. Her ability to make you feel calm and at ease is amazing. I felt so connected to my baby throughout my pregnancy because she helped me to visualize and be present with my body and baby throughout each trimester. When I was in labor she was truly incredible. She not only kept me calm and centered but she also kept my husband calm too. Lori is truly a priceless gift during pregnancy and labor and I know if I have a second baby she will be right there with me again which makes me feel so happy and lucky to know she will be by my side again!!! : )
Shana – Building a solid foundation for you and your baby to grow from


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