5 ways to go with the flow and ride the waves of life



Life has a natural ebb and flow , What goes up must come down , busy times are followed by slow times .. this is a natural law of the universe . I think about this often in labor as I help women ride the waves of their contractions . There is always a beginning and end , A high point and a low point . Life can become stressful when we don’t go with the natural current of where life is pulling us to go . When we fight against the natural current its like swimming up stream in a roaring river which will leave one totally depleted and exhausted . When you can surrender yourself completely to the process or journey and become one with the waves you will get there faster and easier then when you resist. think of the waves of life like a magic carpet ride. When you can let go and go with the flow of where life is pulling you ( Even if you don’t quiet understand it ) trust there is a bigger picture being created that will unfold from the journey .

TRUST THE TIMING OF YOUR LIFE – All things have their own divine timing and pace . Just because you might be ready for something doesn’t mean that the other person or situation is in alignment with yours at this time. Something’s move fast others take more time .If something you are hoping for isn’t happening just yet notice what is happening in your life and focus on that . Whatever is in front of you in the now is building the steps to where you are going .


ENJOY THE JOURNEY– Instead running as fast as you can like a race horse with blinders on with only the finish line in view , slow down and take off the blinders . Getting there is where all the gifts and magic are to be found . The journey is where you see the signs and directions to where you are truly meant to go . When you only focus on the end game you actually disconnect from life its self as all we really have is this present moment .


FIND THE GIFTS – You might now always know why things are happening the way they are. There are no accidents or wrong turns. Sometimes you need to get lost to find yourself again. Everyone you meet AND every situation presents you with some kind of a gift or insight that you can learn from. Connect with the gift and take that with you it’s to be used on your journey .


MAKE SOME SPACE FOR MAGIC TO HAPPEN – Caroline myss says “Intention without action is useless “ Set you intentions and take action but then create some space for them to manifest . If we constantly are fanning the flames eventually the fire will go out . Find the balance between doing and receiving .


GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR HEART – When we come from our head it’s usually our ego THINKING this is what is best for us. When you can make choices from your heart and FEEL your way through life you move more into your truth and make choices from an intuitive place .


LET GO LET GOD – You might know what’s good for you but the universe might know better . Trust that if something is truly meant to be it will be . The universe has your back you will always get what you need for your highest good . If something you are hoping for something that doesn’t happen or goes away trust that it just made space for something better and new to come in .




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