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VIP Nannies – Top Notch Baby Nurses , Nannies And More


Anyone who knows me knows that I am the referral queen !! I love hooking my  awesome people up with other amazing people . Nothing makes me happier then helping people get the  individual support they need ; That being said I am incredibly picky with who I refer out to others especially if it has to do with kids . The only place I will have my clients call is VIP Nannies . Rebecca and Kate are beyond fabulous . They take a very hands on approach by taking the time to really get to know you , your vibe , family , home, budget ,lifestyle , parenting style and needs  then match you with the perfect fit . I trust these girls beyond words and I highly recommend them to anyone that might be needing some help . They have everything from  top notch baby nurses and nannies to private chefs , house keepers and  personal assistances ( in fact I even called them the other day  to help find me one )

Read what people have to say about VIP Nannies –

“VIP always comes through…and they’re the next best thing to me!

If I need help (even at the last minute!), they not only fill the position, they always send the very best. It’s important to know that my son is cared for by a nanny who loves both her job and my child.”

                                                                                                                       -Hollywood Hills, CA


“Thank you so much for checking in.  Everything is going GREAT with Heather.  Our daughter  instantly took to her and she is so lovely.  We’ve seen a change in her already!  More outgoing, independent and generally more happy.  We are thrilled.”

Christina Davis, Executive VP of Drama Series CBS , Los Angeles, CA


“A friend from Warner Bros. recommended VIP Nannies. As a single father with a baby on the way, my stress level was pretty high. They helped me find the perfect nanny who loves to sing and read to my infant daughter and helps take great care of her. And when my entertainment industry job throws a curveball that requires after hours help on short notice, they’ve come through for me with very qualified baby nurses.”

Michael D., Prime, Los Angeles, CA


“Working with VIP Nannies has been nothing short of a miracle for our household. Rebecca has a true gift of figuring out the perfect fit between nannies and families and has done so several times for us. Whether it has been temporary fill-ins, babysitters, or our full-time nannies, she has been right on every time. And that makes for a much more peaceful and organized household. Thanks to her thorough background checks and her understanding of the importance of privacy and security for families, we know our family will be well taken care of with the staff she provides. I highly recommend her agency to anyone looking for the absolute best in family care.”

Chyler Leigh, Actress Grey’s Anatomy, Los Angeles, CA



“I liked the personal attention, understanding of my needs and knowing that the nanny had been thoroughly screened…It was a smooth process and the right nanny was found for the job.”                                                                                      – Pacific Palisades


“VIP is fantastic! I’ve had two nannies from Rebecca’s agency and found that she is great with listening to what the client wants and then providing it!”

– Santa Monica


“VIP was great—very professional, with complete follow through! Our housekeeper and our nanny have now been with us for two+ years.”                                         – Bel Air mother of 3



VIP Nanny agency was very helpful when trying to find a nanny for our home – something I have never done before. Rebecca made me feel confident in my decision to hire a nanny and referred the best candidate to meet all of our needs.


VIP Nanny Agency found the perfect person for my home. Lucy is very loving to my child and has been extremely flexible with my husband’s schedule.

                                                       -Sherman Oaks



“I am though several nanny agencies, but VIP Nannies is by far the best agency. Rebecca is proactive, professional, and personable. She ensures that it is the right fit for BOTH the family AND the nanny. Rebecca is WONDERFUL!!” ~Diane, Thousand Oaks Nanny


“I have been working for a couple of years as a temporary nanny and Rebecca placed me in several high quality positions. The last job she placed me as such a spectacular match that the family and I have decided to turn a temporary position into a permanent one. I am extremely happy with Rebecca and VIP Nannies and Household Staffing!”

~ Catherine, Venice Beach Nanny


For more information check out their website :



BE HERE NOW – This present moment is all there really is ….


Always try your best to live in the present moment .when you do this you will find that the getting there (the journey) is where all the magic happens! The journey is where you find all the lessons and the gifts that each precious moment holds. Sadly, many of us go through life with blinders on, just like a horse racing to the finish line, only seeing the end result. When we live this way we unconsciously disconnect from life itself. The past is gone , the future hasn’t happened yet , this present moment is all there really is . Every choice and action you do right NOW is a stepping stone towards your future -loribregman

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