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Faith And Fertility


Nothing can shut a person down or squash someones dreams more than a “faith killer “can . I am sure all of you at some point or another have come across those small minded people or doubters that when you leave them you feel like you left part of your soul behind . I can’t even begin to tell you about how many of my clients that were trying to conceive and lost their faith because either a doctor they trusted or a friend / family member they respected doubted it would happen or didn’t believe they could do it. It happened to me years back I was seeing an eastern doctor who told me that I was running out of time and if I wanted to have a baby I needed to do right now . It wasn’t so much the words in which she used but they way and how she said that knocked me on my ass ( not the greatest beside manner to say the least ) .Being that I wasn’t in a relationship at the time I threw in the towel giving up and started the grieving process of my dream of having a child of my own . I even stopped trying to keep my hormones balanced and my body healthy . Cut too …. Guess what happened ? My body , especially my reproductive organs totally shut down .I stopped getting my period and my hormones went all wacky . The reason I am telling this story is because I work with lots of women supporting them through the highs and lows of fertility process and the one thing I notice in all of the people that struggle with infertility is at some point they loose their faith and I help them find it again . I once worked with a women that tried for years to have children and in one of our sessions I herd a voice telling me ,”just reconnect her to the magic of life again” . So we did a fertility ritual where we lit candles , did yoga and called in the baby. We worked on leaving everything before that day in the past , letting go of all the past disappointments , negative thinking and projections and started fresh with a new outlook from that day forward. I told her I felt a baby maybe 2 around her . I gave her lots homework that included a few fertility yoga poses to do daily . While holding the poses I had her breathe in an image of what she hoped to manifest while breathing out any doubt or blocks that might be allowing her dreams to materialize. A month later she went in for a fertility treatment and now has 2 beautiful little twin boys . Another client put her life on hold and stopped living . When you do this you shut down the energy flow in your body . I  asked her ,” if this life that she wasn’t living was the kind of life she wanted to bring a child into “? This shifted everything , She focused on her relationship which she has been neglecting ,started spending time with her friends again that she had isolated herself from and started integrating back into her life the things that gave her joy. she called me a few months later and sounded like a totally different person , she was so happy and full of life and guess what a few months after that she became pregnant and now has a little boy .People please watch your projections and keep your opinions to yourself they can squash a persons faith and dreams in a snap . Everyone is different , My best friend just had twins at 47 another girlfriend of mine is pregnant out of the blue at 43 . I have seen doctors telling clients they will never have a clild then my clients adopting and Boom become pregnant . I know women that went to doctors that scared them into thinking they were running out of time ,they went into depression and spiraled down the hole of fear as they began to loose hope ( shutting their bodies down even more )  . I sent a few of them to get second opinions from other doctors I trust . Some of these doctors said that they were fine , nothing was wrong and to try naturally for a while , A few even got pregnancy without needed fertility just because the doctor helped reconnect them with the belief that they could get pregnant . Be mindful that with anything you are hoping to create or manifest that loosing faith is the worst enemy to your dreams .

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