Getting to the root of and living your truth #motherhood

When I prep women for pregnancy or childbirth , we spend time getting to the root of the truth in who they really are. By unraveling projections, conditioning and removing the masks ….. Peeling away them all to uncover the truth which lies within. “BE CAREFUL WHO YOU PRETEND TO BE BECAUSE YOU MIGHT FORGET WHO YOU ARE ” – Who is making these choices for you? Are you living and operating from a place of your truth or have you allowed someone else’s projections or views in the drivers seat steering the course of your life ? We are all unique and different – which makes us all special in our own way .. Your child choose you to be their mother .. You have the gifts and lessons that only you can teach them … When you pretend to be something your not to be accepted by others or society your child will miss out on what they came here to get from you -Lori Bregman


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