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Ancient Minerals – Magnesium oil for a healthier pregnancy and labor aid

Unknown I wanted to share one of my all time favorite products with you all !! I LOVE my magnesium oil ! Every night before bed I spray a little bit on the bottom of my feet as part of my bedtime ritual .Most of us are deficient in this essential mineral. Some of the signs of deficiency are : Muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, anxiety, headaches and chronic pain. I have my pregnant clients use this oil nightly before bed .. It helps with leg cramps, insomnia, anxiety, back and body pain , fatigue, constipation and stress. By using the oil it is one of the best ways to absorb it into your body. You can also try adding some leafy greens , pumpkin seeds , lentils , dark chocolate, bananas and avocados into your diet as they are all rich in magnesium. I always add a little magnesium oil to my childbirth and prenatal massage oil blend ( not too much because it can burn the skin ) and massage my pregnant and laboring women with it.


Dr schulze products for fertility

I have been using Dr Schulze products for years . I especially love their super foods and use it daily in my smoothies. I recently ran out and went down to his warehouse to get some more, when I got to talking to one of the girls that work there …. 



We starting talking about fertility and how Dr Schulze suggests doing this ….  Wanted to share with you all !!


For you – 

1.Start with the 5 Day Bowl Detox 

2. Put good stuff in –  2 doses a day of Superfood Plus morning and afternoon ( you can have a Superfood Bar instead )

3. For first month only drink Female SHOT 2-3 per week ( to really get your hormones going ) and 2 droppersful of Female Tonic – 3x daily everyday for three months.

For your partner – 

1.Start with the 5 Day Bowl Detox

2. 2X Doses a day of Superfood Plus morning and afternoon ( can have a Superfood Bar instead )

3. Drink first month only 2-3 Male Shots per week and take 2 droppersful of Male Formula and Super Ginseng -3X daily for three months for powerful and numerous “good swimmers ” 

For more on Dr Schulze and his amazing products go to : – Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from 



21 tips to prepare your body for pregnancy –

21 tips to prepare your body for pregnancy –


Here are a few of my top tips for getting yourself ready for pregnancy … Happy baby making xoxoxox 🙂  Lori b

This AMAZING photo was taken by this awesome photographer in Maui her name is Cadencia and her website is .. check her out ! LOVE her work and vibe !


get-attachment.aspx – Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from

Moonstones for fertility – #followme on Instagram @lbreggy for all things pregnancy and positive healthy living related


Mrs Patel’s nursing bars – My new Golden find for all you new mamas

Mrs Patel’s nursing bars – My new Golden find for all you new mamas




Ok soooo you all know how much I love my golden finds … well here is my latest !! Thank you Stefani Newman for telling me about this amazing company Mrs Patels !!! Nothing is more stressful then not having enough of a milk supply to breastfeed your baby !! Well these Indian treats  for nursing moms can definitely help a girl out !!  Based on the tenets of Ayurveda (an ancient Indian medicine system) they help increase milk production and boost postpartum healing.

They offer a few TOTALLY AWESOME  products: Fenugreek Bars ( my fav ) , Munch Crunch and Milk Water Tea, which have been inspired from recipes that have been passed down from mother to mother for generations within the Patel family. All the ingredients are YUMMY and all-natural.

Their products are ideal for mothers who have recently given birth, those experiencing difficulties with their milk supply and those pumping mothers who want to maintain their supply and keep breastfeeding.

They are currently stocked at several select stores, order from their website  and ship across the country. click on above link for their website and more info on where to buy … – Building a solid foundation for both you and your children to grow from

Free meditation for moms to help replenish and connect with your child – By Ann O’Brien

I was hanging with my dear friend Ann yesterday and she played this AMAZING meditation for me that I just had to share with all you new moms and moms to be !!! Ann is one of my teachers , she helped me in developing my intuition and with reading energy . Ann is an intuitive healer , teacher and founder of  .Ann empowers clients worldwide to awaken their intuition, attract love and become conscious and happy parents.

Click here for your free meditation –


Image – Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from


Climbing stairs in Labor #labortip

Labor tip : Try Climbing a few stairs to help your baby descend and speed up your labor .Climbing stairs works with gravity and helps get baby rotated into a good position for birth . It also opens the pelvis and  helps with mobility . – Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from


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