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Ancient Minerals – Magnesium oil for a healthier pregnancy and labor aid

Unknown I wanted to share one of my all time favorite products with you all !! I LOVE my magnesium oil ! Every night before bed I spray a little bit on the bottom of my feet as part of my bedtime ritual .Most of us are deficient in this essential mineral. Some of the signs of deficiency are : Muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, anxiety, headaches and chronic pain. I have my pregnant clients use this oil nightly before bed .. It helps with leg cramps, insomnia, anxiety, back and body pain , fatigue, constipation and stress. By using the oil it is one of the best ways to absorb it into your body. You can also try adding some leafy greens , pumpkin seeds , lentils , dark chocolate, bananas and avocados into your diet as they are all rich in magnesium. I always add a little magnesium oil to my childbirth and prenatal massage oil blend ( not too much because it can burn the skin ) and massage my pregnant and laboring women with it.

Dr schulze products for fertility

I have been using Dr Schulze products for years . I especially love their super foods and use it daily in my smoothies. I recently ran out and went down to his warehouse to get some more, when I got to talking to one of the girls that work there …. 



We starting talking about fertility and how Dr Schulze suggests doing this ….  Wanted to share with you all !!


For you – 

1.Start with the 5 Day Bowl Detox 

2. Put good stuff in –  2 doses a day of Superfood Plus morning and afternoon ( you can have a Superfood Bar instead )

3. For first month only drink Female SHOT 2-3 per week ( to really get your hormones going ) and 2 droppersful of Female Tonic – 3x daily everyday for three months.

For your partner – 

1.Start with the 5 Day Bowl Detox

2. 2X Doses a day of Superfood Plus morning and afternoon ( can have a Superfood Bar instead )

3. Drink first month only 2-3 Male Shots per week and take 2 droppersful of Male Formula and Super Ginseng -3X daily for three months for powerful and numerous “good swimmers ” 

For more on Dr Schulze and his amazing products go to : – Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from 



AMETHYST – A great gemstone to place under your child’s bed or baby’s crib .

AMETHYST - A great gemstone to place under your child's bed or baby's crib .

According to Heather Askinosie founder of energy muse jewelry – My go to girl for all things crystals & healing – AMETHYST is a GREAT gemstone to place under your child’s bed or baby’s crib . Amethyst is a stone of protection that repels negative energy and attracts positive energy . It’s a natural stress reliever , bringing clarity and peace of mind . Helps with insomnia & brings about pleasant dreams as well as helps to over come fears . – building a solid foundation for both you and your children to grow from

Free meditation for moms to help replenish and connect with your child – By Ann O’Brien

I was hanging with my dear friend Ann yesterday and she played this AMAZING meditation for me that I just had to share with all you new moms and moms to be !!! Ann is one of my teachers , she helped me in developing my intuition and with reading energy . Ann is an intuitive healer , teacher and founder of  .Ann empowers clients worldwide to awaken their intuition, attract love and become conscious and happy parents.

Click here for your free meditation –


Image – Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from


Carving out the sacred space and time for Recharging , Bonding and Connecting With baby Post Birth




Ladies I can not stress this enough .. Please carve out a period of time post birth just to simply be , rest and bond with your new baby . I see women out all the time right after birth ,running all around like crazy doing stuff and Then totally crash 4-6 months later .

During pregnancy your internal being and  body are going through a huge huge transformation . It takes a lot of energy to make and birth a baby your body needs time to recover and regain its strength . You need the space to integrate this new part of yourself and baby into your life . By surrendering and allowing yourself to have this scared space of time you will be able to find your way and better understand your baby’s needs and cues.  There is a thing called the 40 day rule that is practiced in cultures all over the world where the new mom stays home for the first 40 days post birth and just relaxes and bonds with her baby . The people that practice this have  the women from their family or community  come bring food , do light chores ,run errands , hold  and watch the baby so mom can shower, eat  maybe even sleep for a bit . Many of us don’t live near our families and unfortunately some are uncomfortable asking for help from others … I  highly suggest hiring a  postpartum doula that can come in for a few hours a day to support you .

I have talked about the post birth period as a time of integration and transition … A butterfly that emerges from its cocoon doesn’t fly right away , it hangs out on the cocoon flapping its wings for a while before it flies  . Post birth you are that emerging butterfly the more you can just STOP , hang out and find your way the easier time you will have with this HUGE life changing transition you just went through and the  stronger your wings will be to fly . In order for your baby to thrive and imprint properly they must return to their original home / habitat after birth and that is  by being with you . – Creating a solid foundation for both you and your child to grow from

Sociable garlic … SOOOOOOOOOO Good for pregnancy !!!



I have been trying to get my people for years to eat garlic while they are pregnant and they look at me like I am crazy ! The very thought of it makes them cringe just thinking about it . I can’t believe I totally forgot about  sociable garlic capsules !! I use to take them everyday for years to help with my circulation and to help regulate my blood sugar levels when I lived in Aspen . The brand I like is called Kyolic and when you take them your won’t burp them up or smell bad .

Here are the reasons I like taking or eating garlic in pregnancy – 

It boosts your immune system and helps fight off illness and has natural antibiotic qualities

Is an antibacterial ,anti-fungal and antiviral

Reduces blood pressure ( great for later in pregnancy to help prevent preeclampsia )

Blood thinner ( great to take on bed rest or before , during and after flying to help prevent blood clots )

regulates blood sugar ( great for preventing or healing gestational diabetes )

Is an anti inflammatory

Is a natural decongestant ( great for pregnancy stuffiness , allergies or the common cold )

Helps with shortness of breath ( when baby makes it hard to breathe during month 7/8 of pregnancy )

Helps your body absorb iron better

Increases circulation and blood flow

Prevents cancer – Building a solid and healthy foundation for both you and your child to grow from 


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