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Ancient Minerals – Magnesium oil for a healthier pregnancy and labor aid

Unknown I wanted to share one of my all time favorite products with you all !! I LOVE my magnesium oil ! Every night before bed I spray a little bit on the bottom of my feet as part of my bedtime ritual .Most of us are deficient in this essential mineral. Some of the signs of deficiency are : Muscle cramps, facial tics, poor sleep, anxiety, headaches and chronic pain. I have my pregnant clients use this oil nightly before bed .. It helps with leg cramps, insomnia, anxiety, back and body pain , fatigue, constipation and stress. By using the oil it is one of the best ways to absorb it into your body. You can also try adding some leafy greens , pumpkin seeds , lentils , dark chocolate, bananas and avocados into your diet as they are all rich in magnesium. I always add a little magnesium oil to my childbirth and prenatal massage oil blend ( not too much because it can burn the skin ) and massage my pregnant and laboring women with it.

Moonstones for fertility – #followme on Instagram @lbreggy for all things pregnancy and positive healthy living related


Free meditation for moms to help replenish and connect with your child – By Ann O’Brien

I was hanging with my dear friend Ann yesterday and she played this AMAZING meditation for me that I just had to share with all you new moms and moms to be !!! Ann is one of my teachers , she helped me in developing my intuition and with reading energy . Ann is an intuitive healer , teacher and founder of  .Ann empowers clients worldwide to awaken their intuition, attract love and become conscious and happy parents.

Click here for your free meditation –


Image – Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from


Lemon ice cubes for morning sickness relief

Lemon ice cubes for morning sickness relief

One of my clients was having terrible morning sickness and emailed me for some natural remedies to help . This is the one she said saved her.Lemons have a calming effect and have been known to help relieve nausea .

Lemon cubes
1 quart of water
The juice of 2 -4 lemons depending on preferred tartness
and if you want sweetness add some stevia to taste
Pour into ice tray , freeze and suck on the cubes or crush them and eat .

* you can blend in a little kale to sneak in some greens into your diet Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from .

– All you new moms and moms to be – Here is an Affirmation for the day

 - All you new moms and moms to be here is an Affirmation for the day NEWS FLASH ……. There is no such thing as perfect ! As long as you are trying to reach it you will never be happy or content in your own being . Something to ponder …. What or who are you competing with ? What is this image of perfection you are trying to live up to ? Is this image  even real or realistic for you ? There is no right or one way to do anything but there is a right and perfect way for you , your children and family . When you are able to find what works for you , then you will find perfection in your own individuality and uniqueness . I can look at some of my dearest friends / clients and think they are truly amazing moms in the way that they do it that works for them . If I tried to do what they do and use some of them as my bar of perfection .. I would never live up to it as they are totally different then me . They have strengths and abilities that I  just don’t have  . Just like I have gifts and ways about me that they lack in certain areas . If I used them as my bar of perfection and compared myself to them it would reek havoc on my self esteem making me feel not good enough . I can’t tell you how often I see and hear this from my clients … So and so lost her weight right away .. so and so nursed until her baby was one , so and so has the perfect marriage , kids and home …. Ladies , what we see on the surface isn’t always whats really going on behind closed doors . Stop comparing yourself to others , connect with yourself and find what is right for you instead of what society , your family  and friends says is right . Find your own perfection from your  authentic place of truth in who you are . – Building a solid foundation for both you and your children to grow from

Sociable garlic … SOOOOOOOOOO Good for pregnancy !!!



I have been trying to get my people for years to eat garlic while they are pregnant and they look at me like I am crazy ! The very thought of it makes them cringe just thinking about it . I can’t believe I totally forgot about  sociable garlic capsules !! I use to take them everyday for years to help with my circulation and to help regulate my blood sugar levels when I lived in Aspen . The brand I like is called Kyolic and when you take them your won’t burp them up or smell bad .

Here are the reasons I like taking or eating garlic in pregnancy – 

It boosts your immune system and helps fight off illness and has natural antibiotic qualities

Is an antibacterial ,anti-fungal and antiviral

Reduces blood pressure ( great for later in pregnancy to help prevent preeclampsia )

Blood thinner ( great to take on bed rest or before , during and after flying to help prevent blood clots )

regulates blood sugar ( great for preventing or healing gestational diabetes )

Is an anti inflammatory

Is a natural decongestant ( great for pregnancy stuffiness , allergies or the common cold )

Helps with shortness of breath ( when baby makes it hard to breathe during month 7/8 of pregnancy )

Helps your body absorb iron better

Increases circulation and blood flow

Prevents cancer – Building a solid and healthy foundation for both you and your child to grow from 




ATTENTION ALL MOMS AND MOMS TO BE .. BEST PREGNANCY, BIRTHING AND PARENTING ADVICE EVER !!!!!! Your baby has grown , developed and has lived inside of you for 9 full months …. just as you know when something feels off or not right with you , your baby is part of you and you will sense the same in and for them . Remember this when you get bombarded with tons of advise and projections from others . A mother knows best ! Especially when she is in a calm , centered , grounded , peaceful and in a mindful state. When one can get in this space she will to be able to hear her own voice and truth of what FEELS is right .

“You’ve always had the power, my dear. You’ve had it all along” – Glinda, the Good Witch


Your baby feels everything you are feeling … Let your baby simmer in the energy of love , peace and joy for 9 months instead of stress , anxiety, anger and hate .. Attitude is a choice .

7 yoga poses to help with fertility

7 easy fertility poses ( molly sims and I did together last week )


Molly cover photo

Ladies, mommas and mommas to be, being a mother is super important to me and I am here to share any little secret I can with you!  As you all know, in the past I’ve written about everything from fertility smoothies to acupuncture to dolls in order to increase my fertility. Everyday of course I still drink Lori Bregman‘s fertility smoothie, which is to die for! I worked with Lori through my first pregnancy and here we are again!  

Last week, during the new moon Lori and I got together to do Fertility Yoga! It was AH-mazing! I love, love, love yoga and now that I know it doesn’t only benefit my health, but it can also help promote fertility … I’m totally OB-sessed. I know this time in a woman’s life can be so, so, so stressful, so ladies yoga is a great way to just take a moment out of your day to relax and calm down. Fertility yoga especially is meant to increase blood flow in the pelvic area, as well as lessen anxiety during this difficult time. We also used these great oils and a fertility candle that you can buy at this AH-dorable shop on Sunset, Objets d’ & Spirit or you can always make your own at home! So here is a step-by-step of my entire fertility flow!

molly sims lori bregman

All of these awesome poses work to relax and calm your nervous system, which I think every busy woman needs sometimes. They also improve and increase circulation as well as blood flow in your reproductive organs all helping to promote fertility. After your flow, you should feel relaxed and your mind should be clear. Lori believes this is the best time to light your fertility candle and call on your baby. Remember ladies, think positively and good things will come to you!!

Reclining Bound Angle Pose

1. Reclining Bound Angle Pose

Sit on your yoga mat with your legs stretched in front of you. Place your bolster behind your tailbone vertically. Bring your feet together and place them flat on the floor, letting your knees fall out to the side. Lay back, open your arms and breathe. Breathe in your baby as well as your intentions. Exhale and release any tension in your body as you relax into the bolster.

2. Butterfly Pose

Push yourself up, and fall forward. Keep your legs as they are with your knees apart and fall forward. Breathe in through your nose deep into your hips, groin and lower back area and release  any tension, tightness or pain that you might be feeling as you exhale out through your mouth.

Cat dog pose

3. Cat Dog Pose

Position yourself on all fours. Place hands underneath your shoulders flat on the floor. Knees should be hip distance apart. As you look up, arch your back and inhale the image of your baby into your belly. As you round your back, pull your belly button into your spine, then exhale any stress, worries or negativity.

hip circles

4. Hip Circles

Position yourself on all fours again and circle your hips in a circle. Close your eyes and put your whole body’s weight into it as you move in a circular motion, then alternate directions. Do five times in both directions.

5. Restorative Bridge 

As you lay on your back, bring your feet underneath your person, flat on the floor hips distance apart and knees facing up in the air. Take a block and position it either horizontally or vertically depending on comfort underneath your tailbone. Open your arms out to the side. Again breathe in the image of your baby. Release all tension and all worry. Allow lower belly area to relax and soften.

6. Legs Up the Wall 

Find a wall space. Place either a bolster, a few folded blankets or a couple of pillows a few inches foam the wall. Lay with your legs up the wall for 5 minutes.

seated cross legged forward bend without lori

7. Seated Cross Legged Forward Bend 

Sit in a cross legged (Indian style) position. Walk your hands out in front of you, inhale into your hips and lower back area and exhale out any tightness or tension. Let your hips relax and soften. After a few deep breaths, bring your opposite foot forward to do the other side.

Make sure to check out Lori’s website and instagram for everything you need to know about fertility!

click on link at top for more of molly’s fabulous tips !!

Fertility tips for body , mind and life – check out my interview on intuitive mom radio

Fertility tips for body , mind and life – check out my interview on intuitive mom radio


Get your life ready for motherhood! Listen in and learn everything from nutrition and exercise tips to how to connect with your baby’s spirit and energetically become pregnant. In-between, we’ll talk about preparing your relationship, how to clear your childhood wounds, learning your cycle and fertile times, and much more.


Lori Bregman, founder of the Rooted for Life Pregnancy Coaching Program, a complete body, mind and spirit support system that helps women through fertility, pregnancy, birth, and into new mommyhood. As a doula, healer, and life/pregnancy coach, Lori has over 20 years of experience helping clients transform their lives.

Throughout her career, Lori has studied with and learned from some of the most renowned healers and spiritual teachers across the world. These teachers have shared with her their wisdom, from spirituality, intuition, body/mind awareness, herbs/vitamins, aromatherapy oils and the healing power of foods to doula work, bodywork, yoga, and numerous other forms of holistic healing. She has always been especially drawn to working with pregnant woman and new mothers, and geared much of her learning toward pregnancy, childbirth, and parenting. Today she has built a thriving career based on her passion for fostering healthy moms and healthy babies .

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