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Pets and sibling bonding – Love pheromones

Pets and sibling bonding - Love pheromones

This is Ryder and his BFF Stella .. These 2 are the cutest EVER and totally inseparable .. When his mama was pregnant , Stella was a puppy and would snuggle all day on her baby bump .. I told her I had a premonition that her baby and this dog were going to be seriously bonded in love and BFF’S … Turns out I was right !!!!!

Did you know that when a baby is born and throughout the first few weeks of their life they releases love pheromones from the top of their head that help lock in the bonding process . Not only is the beneficial for the parents but is also especially helpful for the bonding of siblings and pets . Make sure to let your other children hold the baby , have them smell and kiss the baby’s head. Don’t be afraid to let your pets sniff away . If you choose to have your baby in the hospital have someone bring home the hat that they put on baby’s head . Give it to your pets to sniff before bringing your new baby home so they will already be familiar with it and when they meet your babe will fall madly in love just like Stella and Ryder are ! The above photo was taken by the awesome photographer Lisa Boyle of funky fresh kids


Dr schulze products for fertility

I have been using Dr Schulze products for years . I especially love their super foods and use it daily in my smoothies. I recently ran out and went down to his warehouse to get some more, when I got to talking to one of the girls that work there …. 



We starting talking about fertility and how Dr Schulze suggests doing this ….  Wanted to share with you all !!


For you – 

1.Start with the 5 Day Bowl Detox 

2. Put good stuff in –  2 doses a day of Superfood Plus morning and afternoon ( you can have a Superfood Bar instead )

3. For first month only drink Female SHOT 2-3 per week ( to really get your hormones going ) and 2 droppersful of Female Tonic – 3x daily everyday for three months.

For your partner – 

1.Start with the 5 Day Bowl Detox

2. 2X Doses a day of Superfood Plus morning and afternoon ( can have a Superfood Bar instead )

3. Drink first month only 2-3 Male Shots per week and take 2 droppersful of Male Formula and Super Ginseng -3X daily for three months for powerful and numerous “good swimmers ” 

For more on Dr Schulze and his amazing products go to : – Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from 



Mrs Patel’s nursing bars – My new Golden find for all you new mamas

Mrs Patel’s nursing bars – My new Golden find for all you new mamas




Ok soooo you all know how much I love my golden finds … well here is my latest !! Thank you Stefani Newman for telling me about this amazing company Mrs Patels !!! Nothing is more stressful then not having enough of a milk supply to breastfeed your baby !! Well these Indian treats  for nursing moms can definitely help a girl out !!  Based on the tenets of Ayurveda (an ancient Indian medicine system) they help increase milk production and boost postpartum healing.

They offer a few TOTALLY AWESOME  products: Fenugreek Bars ( my fav ) , Munch Crunch and Milk Water Tea, which have been inspired from recipes that have been passed down from mother to mother for generations within the Patel family. All the ingredients are YUMMY and all-natural.

Their products are ideal for mothers who have recently given birth, those experiencing difficulties with their milk supply and those pumping mothers who want to maintain their supply and keep breastfeeding.

They are currently stocked at several select stores, order from their website  and ship across the country. click on above link for their website and more info on where to buy … – Building a solid foundation for both you and your children to grow from

Climbing stairs in Labor #labortip

Labor tip : Try Climbing a few stairs to help your baby descend and speed up your labor .Climbing stairs works with gravity and helps get baby rotated into a good position for birth . It also opens the pelvis and  helps with mobility . – Building a solid foundation for both you and your baby to grow from


Eggplant parmesan to induce labor – Recipe people swear by

I am doing research today on all things labor and I found this recipe on ABC news about this labor inducing eggplant parmesan recipe that claims when pregnant women eat it they go into labor with in 48 hours … Worth a try !! Worse thing that can happen you have a super yummy meal 😉


“Nearly 300 baby pictures decorate Scalini’s old-fashioned Italian restaurant in Cobb County, Ga.
All of the babies pictured on the Italian restaurant wall were born after their mothers ate the Scalini’s eggplant parmigiana. The $9.95 plate of breaded eggplant smothered in cheese and thick marinara sauce is “guaranteed” to induce labor, the restaurant claims.
The eggplant legend began not long after the restaurant opened 23 years ago .
To date, more than 300 of the pregnant women customers who ordered the eggplant have given birth within 48 hours, and the restaurant dubs them the “eggplant babies.” – Good morning America

Eggplant labor inducing parmasen
3 medium sized eggplants
1 cup flour
6 eggs, beaten
4 cups fine Italian bread crumbs (seasoned)
Olive oil, for sautéing
8 cups marinara sauce (recipe below)
1/2 cup Romano cheese (grated)
1/2 cup Parmesan cheese (grated)
1 1/2 pounds mozzarella cheese (shredded)
2 cups ricotta cheese
Scalini’s Marinara Sauce
2 Tablespoons garlic, chopped
3 Tablespoons olive oil
8 cups tomatoes (fresh or canned), chopped
1 cup onions, chopped
1/2 cup fresh parsley, chopped
1 teaspoon oregano
1 teaspoon crushed red pepper
1/8 cup fresh sweet basil, chopped
Pinch thyme
Pinch rosemary
1 teaspoon salt
1 teaspoon black pepper
Cooking Directions
After you wash the eggplant, slice them into 1/4 inch thick slices. You may choose to peel the eggplant before you slice it. However, you may want to leave the skin on since it contains a lot of vitamins.
Place the eggplant slices on a layer of paper towels and sprinkle with a little salt, then cover with another layer of paper towels and hold it down with something heavy to drain the excess moisture. Let them sit for about an hour.
Working with one slice of eggplant at a time, dust with flour, dip in beaten eggs, then coat well with breadcrumbs. Sauté in preheated olive oil on both sides until golden brown.
In baking dish, alternate layers of marinara sauce, eggplant slices, ricotta, parmesan and Romano cheeses, until you fill the baking dish, about 1/8 inch from the top. Cover with shredded mozzarella cheese, and bake for 25 minutes in a 375 degree oven. Let sit for 10 minutes before serving.
Scalini’s Marinara Sauce
Lightly sauté the onions in olive oil in large pot for a few minutes.
Add garlic and sauté another minute. Add tomatoes and bring sauce to a boil, then turn heat low. Add remaining ingredients, stir, cover and let simmer for one hour, stirring occasionally.
Recipe courtesy of John Bogino, Scalini’s Italian Restaurant, Smyrna, Ga. (

Testimonial from new AWESOME mama Becky … #birthdoula

Testimonial from new AWESOME mama Becky ... #birthdoula

It is hard to express in words the difference Lori made in my labor. Without Lori, I know it would not have been so beautiful and not to sound cliché but “perfect”. I love my partner, but he had no idea what to do and nor did I…and thankfully Lori was right by my side through every contraction and every unknown. Without Lori, I would have been scared and alone, instead I laughed up until delivery. Yes it was the most difficult thing I ever done, but with Lori by my side, my angel entered the world in the most peaceful way. I wish my words conveyed how thankful I am to have had her with me. She will always be a very special part of our lives.

A different way to check and see how dilated you are in labor

 Besides wanting to find out how how far along you might be , nobody likes getting their cervix examined during labor !!! Well girls you all might want to start looking at your butt crack instead ! Yup .. Apparently during labor there is a red, purple or dark line that shows up in 76% of laboring women that goes up the woman’s butt crack . kind of like a thermometer for accessing cervical dilation . It is caused from increased pressure from baby’s head on the veins around the sacrum area . Image – Building a solid foundation for both you and your child to grow from 

– All you new moms and moms to be – Here is an Affirmation for the day

 - All you new moms and moms to be here is an Affirmation for the day NEWS FLASH ……. There is no such thing as perfect ! As long as you are trying to reach it you will never be happy or content in your own being . Something to ponder …. What or who are you competing with ? What is this image of perfection you are trying to live up to ? Is this image  even real or realistic for you ? There is no right or one way to do anything but there is a right and perfect way for you , your children and family . When you are able to find what works for you , then you will find perfection in your own individuality and uniqueness . I can look at some of my dearest friends / clients and think they are truly amazing moms in the way that they do it that works for them . If I tried to do what they do and use some of them as my bar of perfection .. I would never live up to it as they are totally different then me . They have strengths and abilities that I  just don’t have  . Just like I have gifts and ways about me that they lack in certain areas . If I used them as my bar of perfection and compared myself to them it would reek havoc on my self esteem making me feel not good enough . I can’t tell you how often I see and hear this from my clients … So and so lost her weight right away .. so and so nursed until her baby was one , so and so has the perfect marriage , kids and home …. Ladies , what we see on the surface isn’t always whats really going on behind closed doors . Stop comparing yourself to others , connect with yourself and find what is right for you instead of what society , your family  and friends says is right . Find your own perfection from your  authentic place of truth in who you are . – Building a solid foundation for both you and your children to grow from

Sociable garlic … SOOOOOOOOOO Good for pregnancy !!!



I have been trying to get my people for years to eat garlic while they are pregnant and they look at me like I am crazy ! The very thought of it makes them cringe just thinking about it . I can’t believe I totally forgot about  sociable garlic capsules !! I use to take them everyday for years to help with my circulation and to help regulate my blood sugar levels when I lived in Aspen . The brand I like is called Kyolic and when you take them your won’t burp them up or smell bad .

Here are the reasons I like taking or eating garlic in pregnancy – 

It boosts your immune system and helps fight off illness and has natural antibiotic qualities

Is an antibacterial ,anti-fungal and antiviral

Reduces blood pressure ( great for later in pregnancy to help prevent preeclampsia )

Blood thinner ( great to take on bed rest or before , during and after flying to help prevent blood clots )

regulates blood sugar ( great for preventing or healing gestational diabetes )

Is an anti inflammatory

Is a natural decongestant ( great for pregnancy stuffiness , allergies or the common cold )

Helps with shortness of breath ( when baby makes it hard to breathe during month 7/8 of pregnancy )

Helps your body absorb iron better

Increases circulation and blood flow

Prevents cancer – Building a solid and healthy foundation for both you and your child to grow from 


12 SUPER Easy Stretches To Help Relieve Breastfeeding Back , Shoulder And Neck Tension

In my bodywork and yoga sessions I see TONS of clients that experience super tight upper back, shoulder and neck pain from breastfeeding. Here are a few simple and easy poses I do with them to soften, open and help find relief.

I asked my adorable client/ friend Chelsea if I could snap a few pics of her during our yoga session we did. I worked with Chelsea throughout her entire pregnancy  and was her doula when her gorgeous sweet little man Ryder was born . Thanks Chels for letting me shoot part of your session  !!!! You’re the BEST and I LOVE you girl!!! xoxo

1.Doorway stretch – This one is total heaven and a must do right after you nurse. Standing in a doorway place your elbows , forearms and palms flat on wall on each side of  the doorway . Step your right foot forward and press your chest thru. Breathe deeply into your chest and lungs, exhale allowing your chest and shoulders to relax and soften. Image

2.Towel stretch – forward, up and back

Standing up, feet about hips distance apart, hold a towel a little further than shoulder distance apart (this will depend on how tight your shoulders are) inhale your arms above you exhale arms down in front of you, inhale arms up above your head, exhale your arms behind you, inhale up exhale down in front, keep repeating for 10 rounds. Think about inhaling thru your nose the intention of relaxation as you exhale out any tension or stress out thru your mouth. ImageImageImage


3.Towel stretch #2 –

Standing up and still holding onto the towel ,place your right hand over your head and bend your elbow behind. Take your left arm behind you lower back and grab onto the other end of the towel.. Slowly crawl your hands closer together. If your shoulders and chest are more open you can skip the towel and clasp your hands together. Take a deep breath into your chest and as you exhale fold your body forward. Hold and breathe for a few breaths then switch sides. ImageImage

4.Clasp hands behind the back standing forward bend – standing up, keeping your arms straight interlace your hands behind and a few inches away from your lower back. Inhale deep into your chest and exhale as you fall forward bringing your hands towards the top of your head. Stay and breathe for a few rounds.


5.Clasping elbows behind the back standing forward bend – Standing bring your arms behind you and grab your elbows, inhale into the chest exhale fold forward. Hold and breathe into where you’re tight and exhale out thru your mouth any tension as you allow this part of your body to soften and relax.


6. Eagle arms – Standing, bring your arms out to the side with your palms facing up. Bring your right arm under the left and bend the elbows bringing the palms of your hands together. Lift your elbows up as you push your palms away from you. Take a deep breath right into your upper back as you exhale allow this whole part of your body to let go. Take a few breaths here then switch sides.


7.Shoulder shrugs – Come into a cross legged position, inhale bringing your shoulders up to your ears and hold, exhale out thru your mouth and let your shoulders drop down. You can breathe in peace and calm and exhale out thru your mouth any responsibility, burdens or stress you might be carrying. Repeat 3 times.


8.Shoulder rolls – Roll your shoulders backwards a few times and then roll them forwards.


9. Neck rolls – Roll your head slowly in a circle to the right a few times then switch directions.


10.Cat / dog – Get on all fours, hands are under shoulders on the floor and knees are hips distance apart. Inhale as you arch and look up then exhale as you look down slowly rounding your back and tucking your tailbone under. Repeat a few times.


11.Childs pose arm stretch –

In Childs pose reach your arms way out in front of you, palms flat on the floor. Take a deep breath into your upper back and as you exhale relax your chest towards the ground. Walk both hands over to the right and breathe into your left ribcage, hold for a few breaths then switch sides.


12. Restorative chest stretch with towel –

Roll up a towel placing it horizontal. Lay down placing it under your bra strap area. Bring your arms out to side bending your elbows place your palms up and breathe. Allowing your body melt deeper into the towel with each exhale.

Image – Building a healthy and solid foundation for both you and your child to grow from.

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