No matter the situation, Never let your emotions over power your intelligence


With mercury about to go into retrograde tomorrow I thought this would be an appropriate time post this. Mercury in retrograde is a time of  miscommunications and heightened  emotional upheaval . Way back before I did some healing work on myself I would constantly act out from my emotions . If something or someone triggered a feeling in me I would lash out and attack , throwing all my uncomfortable feelings at them . I’m so grateful to my life coach and mentor Michele Meiche for teaching me these priceless tools on how NOT to act from an emotional place and how to TAKE A BEAT before reacting.  Lets face it , it totally SUCKS to sit with and feel uncomfortable feelings. Thats why so many act out and lash out at others. When you do this you are literally energetically vomiting all your uncomfortableness on to another. When you allow some space, sit with it and FEEL your feelings thats when you can process and get to the root of what is really bothering you, usually it has nothing to do with the other person , but something that they are bringing up in yourself that needs some addressing , tending to or healing . According to the dictionary – An Emotional Trigger is : a response to a person, situation, event, dialogue, reading, film, or other content providing entity, that provokes a strong emotional reaction. Often we are not self aware when we are triggered, and fall into reacting prior to sifting through our strong emotional response. The reason I am writing this is because when you are a parent , in relationship or a mom to be you will get triggered by others especially your children. They will bring up internal triggers or personal wounding that shows you there is usually something deeper going on inside you . Michelle has taught me to have the self awareness to be able to explore what the feeling is bringing up in me or when in there past have I felt this before . This person or situation came into your life as a gift . it’s an opportunity for you to explore and clear so you can be free and shine brighter . When I feel triggered a bell goes off that says , ” Hummmm , WOW  …Look what this is bringing up in me .. I might need to go do some healing work on this” . I either work with my mentor , go for a hike and process , do some yin yoga where I sit and hold poses , breathe and meditate on it or get out my good old trusted journal and write about what I am feeling . Somewhere in there I usually find the root of whats really going on with me and 98% of the time it has nothing to do with the person or the situation that got my feathers all ruffled . Can you imagine if we all had the self awareness to sit with , process and feel our uncomfortable emotions before lashing out to another ? There would be so much more peace in all our relationships , families and in the world in general .

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