Birth prep exercise – Focused breathing

Birthprep :This is a great #exercise to practice your #labor #breathing and #visualizations to. You can #breathe thru anything for a 30 count breath !!! Imagine a line going up as you count SLOWLY to 15 noticing how it peaks , then count backwards SLOWLY from 15 down to 1 as you visualize a line coming down the other side almost like a mountain peak. This is how long a contraction usually lasts ..( trick here is to count slow and don’t rush ) Find a wall space place your hands at your side with your feet hips distance apart . Put a soft ball or yoga block in between your thighs above your knees. Position your body like you are sitting in a chair. When you start feeling a burning in your legs, close your eyes and start to visualize and count . When you get back to 1. Stand then do a few more rounds . You can also have your partner count and you can do a focused breath breathing Example : “Breathe in peace exhale tension” or “breathe in strength exhale doubt “


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